Car financing: Calculate car financing

Whether new or used – the purchase of a car usually costs a lot. This does not only apply in times of diesel guests. For many consumers in Germany, financing remains the only way to put a car in their garage. But which form of car financing is the right one? A loan from the […]

Small loan with favorable conditions

There are many ways to get a small loan with favorable terms. Those who are not yet sure which bank is the right one should not be afraid to carry out a comparison on the Internet and pay attention not only to the possible loan amounts and terms, but also to the effective annual interest […]

Early repayment of financing: how much do you pay?

The early repayment of the loan is an operation that can be carried out in relation to the credit lines taken out in order to make personal, family and professional expenses. However, before approaching this kind of initiative, it is necessary to try to know what are the clauses and rules that underlie this possibility […]

Car loan despite further loans – fast & cheap

Nevertheless, a vehicle loan can rarely be put on the back burner. Families in Germany depend on the car.  Car loan despite further loans – everyday business In metropolitan areas, where the workplaces are, living space is priceless. In most cases, you drive to work every day with your own vehicle. Public transport is not […]

Compare loans online ¬ĽAdvantages and disadvantages of online banks.

Loans can be obtained from direct banks at much more favorable terms than from house banks. Conventional financial institutions are generally unable to offer conditions as favorable as direct banks. This is because conventional banks maintain branch networks that cause high costs. They pass this on to the end customer in the form of higher […]

Budget bill for credit

Anyone who has ever wanted to take out a loan is probably familiar with the household accounts of credit institutions and banks. With this calculation, the banks check above all whether the borrower can also afford the desired loan, that is, can pay from his income. So it is the bank’s safeguard not to give […]

Deposit credit | Take out a loan

  Deposit loan – deposit guarantee or would you prefer to take out a loan? The dramatically increased rents cast their shadows before moving in. A three month rent deposit is no longer an exception. “Where to get from, if not to steal” is not the only question facing young people who are moving into […]

Loan from abroad

  A foreign loan is a loan that is brokered by foreign banks. As a rule, the loan seeker must contact a credit broker. The credit agencies located in Germany work with foreign partners and broker a loan from abroad. Most loan seekers who are interested in a foreign loan have anomalies in their Credit […]

Loan installment payment: debit from current account or postal payment slip?

When applying for a loan, you must decide whether to pay the monthly installments by debiting a current account or a postal payment slip. The spontaneous questions are: which one to choose between the two? Which is the most convenient in terms of practicality and “risks”? In this article we will explain what is the […]